Brenton House

Completed March 2017

This was an extensive addition and alteration project on a house with breathtaking views of the ocean. Internal re-planning made the spaces more functional and pleasant to occupy. The new roof structure extends over the main facade and softens the buildings silhouette against the sky, and renders the home more approachable from the street. The various parts of the house were treated differently in terms of higher, scale and colour in order to create a hierarchy and lend a more human scale to the composition. Large fenced timber decks link the inside and outside through generous openings that expose the inhabitants to to endless horizon and the ocean.


posted by Sergio Nunes Architects | Bloemfontein

Gallery on Leviseur

Completed July 2013

Exterior spaces were designed as "sculpture courtyards", and are all well connected to interior spaces. Providing for enough natural lighting to ensure adequate interior light levels, while maintaining enough wall space was achieved by elevating the roof of the entrance and allowing clerestory lighting into the space, as well as by inserting low level windows that reflect light off the white floors. The roof structure folds down to the ground at the northeastern corner of the site, in order to create more privacy for the patio area. Soldier course brickwork and the flutes of the corrugated sheeting create interest when juxtaposed with the non-verticality of certain elements of the building.


posted by Sergio Nunes Architects | Bloemfontein

Lillyvale House

Completed July 2011

The house is located on a large stand in a popular area on the outskirts of Bloemfontein. In order to lend the building some sort of belonging and connection to the otherwise nondescript site, it has been positioned close to a thicket of mature Eucalyptus trees and a natural pond. The house has optimum orientation in order to respond to the local climatic conditions. All indoor spaces are well connected to outdoor areas both practically and visually, with large windows and foldaway doors. The cruciform arrangement of the house defines four individual courtyards with varying characteristics and degrees of privacy, which act as transitional areas between the interior spaces of the house, the garden, and the natural un-landscaped remainder of the site.


posted by Sergio Nunes Architects | Bloemfontein

The Boulders Townhouses

Completed December 2009

The Boulders is a unique and up-market Row House development situated in Arboretum, Bloemfontein. A prime location adjacent to Signal Hill, and two kilometers from the CBD makes this complex the ultimate in convenient urban living in Bloemfontein. Quality finishes and a unique aesthetic set these residential units apart from what is generally available to the housing consumer in Bloemfontein, ensuring a high occupancy rate and desirability for the investor. Internal spaces are generous, and all units have large balconies with panoramic views of Naval hill, the Arboretum green belt, and the city. Colours and textures were selected in order to minimize the developments visual impact on the adjacent green belt.


posted by Sergio Nunes Architects | Bloemfontein

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